Pastor’s Corner | Clear Direction …Or Not?

Jesus is the model for Christians. He walks in front of us and challenges us to follow His life. Yet, we tend to forget that even Jesus had to go to Gethsemane to pray for direction and courage. Peter was certainly surprised at his own failures and Paul ended up regularly on ships headed in directions that God altered. To follow Christ is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s constant directional adjustments.
  耶穌是基督徒的典範。祂在我們前面,挑戰我們跟隨祂。但我們顯然都忘記了就是耶穌也要到客西馬尼園禱告,尋求勇氣和方向。 彼得對自己的失敗確定感到驚訝,保羅也在被神經常更改方向的船上向前行。跟隨基督必須非常敏銳於聖靈的時時方向調整!

Leaders are people who feel the pressure to have the immediate and correct answers to many questions. If we are not careful, we allow that stress to motivate us to, at times, respond to some questions without wisdom or God’s guidance. Spiritual leadership is not the ability to know all but the sensitivity to recognize one’s own limitations, seek advice as needed, and the courage to boldly move forward in expectation that God will be there before us. 

May the leadership of FCBC know the joy of dependency as we step out in faith and expectation to try new ministries, new leadership models, and new outreach in His name.