Pastor’s Corner | Communication Tools Required

As Christians, we all enjoy learning about history, habits, customs, and traditions found in the Scriptures.  Recently, I listened to a wonderful lecture on Sacrifices, the Cleansing of Sin, etc. There was instruction on Old Testament and New Testament understanding.   At some point during the talk, I began to consider the reality of our environment.  For me, the word “Sin” (罪) is not threatening or something that I fear the confession of since I have Christ as my Savior. Yet, I had to admit to myself that the lecture was focused only on Christians and would be absolutely unacceptable to a non-Christian! The term “sin” would be totally misunderstood and the idea of sitting/listening to this presentation would “miss the target.”

I began to question, if everyone in that room were to think about their co-workers and their attitudes towards the concept of what they understand to be “sin,” probably 100% of those people would deny that they are a “sinner.” 1 John 1:8-9 says, “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” Yet, do most non-Christians even grasp what they are saying when they say that are not a “sinner?” For us today, I want to challenge us to remember that we live in a “Post-Modern World” where “Sin” is not considered a valued item. Reading is no longer the most highly valued approach to learning as video has taken over that position.  Talk is less of an impact when people are looking for authenticity. If we depend on the church service and words alone to communicate Christ’s activity and love, MANKIND WILL BE LOST. We must, as Christians, determine to be “risk takers who push ourselves” with communicating Christ’s love to our world.  What creative and interesting skills do you offer that will get you into the lives of the lost where you may demonstrate “Christ’s Love?”