Pastor’s Corner |“Criticism’s Impact on Us”

Jesus knew what it was like to be a blessing and do good for others only to receive negative words and the hatred of men.  So, how did our best mentor deal with such persons?

In Mark 7, the Religious Police of Jesus’ day…the Pharisees, determined to use words against Jesus by first throwing out their interpretation of Old Testament regulations/rules with the expectation that Jesus would either not answer them or respond in a way that would provide them evidence that he was a radical scoundrel.   This pattern of behavior by the Pharisees and Sadducees is found throughout the Gospels.  Jesus understood criticism, and what motivated it, but He was focused on the spiritual man.

What do we learn from Jesus?  He sometimes responded directly and sometimes indirectly.  He seldom revealed anger but usually challenged his listeners to be self-critical before placing negative views toward others.  He spoke with conviction and truth.  His emphasis was always on ones’ motivation and internal spiritual condition rather than on externally perceived sins or mistakes.  Forgiveness was given when requested but truth was never to be compromised.  The rules and policies of men were distinguished clearly from the love and intent of God.  How a man chooses to live and die was of value to him.  Death was not the ultimate fear modeled by Jesus as the lies and criticism continued to come at him until he reached Calvary.   What I learn from Jesus is that gossip, rumors, misunderstandings, prejudices, envy, pride, empty ambition, and many other things are found in the hearts and motivation of men.  I also know that there is hope found in the love I see in Jesus as he focus’ on being a blessing to others without the expectation of receiving anything in return.





我们从耶稣那学到什么呢?祂有时给予直接的,有时给予不直接的回答。祂极少表示出愤怒,但是通常祂挑战听者在给他人负面评论/批评前先自我批评。祂说真理使人信服。祂强调的总是在人的动机及内在属灵光景,而非表面外在认知的罪及错误上。祂被要求时会给予宽恕,但决不对真理让步。人的规则和政策清楚地有别于上帝的爱和意图。一个人选择如何生与死,对上帝是很重要的。当谎言及论断不断地指向祂直到加略山时,死亡不是耶稣恐惧的。我从耶稣那学到人会说闲话、造谣、误会、歧视、妒嫉、骄傲、空虚野心及很多其他东西; 我也知道在耶稣爱中可找到盼望。 我看到耶稣祂聚焦于成为他人的祝福,而不期望任何回报。