Pastor’s Corner | “Growth Through Trials!”

A church is not best evaluated by how it functions in good days of revival and church growth but is most clearly evaluated when struggles and difficulties come its way.  No church has only smooth and fun times.   It is under these times of pressure and disappointment that we can see how the brothers and sisters reveal their sincerity of dependency on the Father.  As followers of Christ, our task is to remain persons of integrity, honesty, transparency, responsibility, and love even when circumstances reveal a lack of full appreciation or understanding of how things are going within the church body.  We need to learn to control our tongues and remember that complaining and giving negative criticism seldom shows the spirit of love that the church will benefit from. Instead of showing our displeasure toward that which we question, let us learn to contribute and focus on making our church be what we desire it to become!

As we move forward in service to our Lord, may we remember that following Christ has never been an easy path and has seldom found full acceptance in society.  Let us seek to learn and mature from any challenging or difficult days as we remember Job’s greatest days of fortune came after he endured testing and questioning from all around!


教会在复兴和成长时,不是最好的时候被评鉴;只有在挣扎和忧患来临时,教会才可以清楚地被评鉴。没有一所教会只是有平顺和有趣。只有在压力下和失望的时候,我们才可以看到弟兄姊妹如何表示他们对天上的父的真诚依靠。 基督跟随者的工作是,对教会经历的事情,即使四围显示缺乏完全的感恩或了解,仍然继续保持众人的正直、诚实、透明、责任感和爱。我们需要学习控制我们的舌头,并且记得抱怨和给予负面批评是很难张显出教会会受益的爱的精神。 取代表示对疑问的不悦,让我们学习对我们的教会服事有贡献和集中重点,让我们的教会成为我们想要的样式!