Pastor’s Corner | Let FCBC be clearly “About His Business!”

One day, I accompanied one of our sisters to visit the home of an elderly man and his wife.   As he entered the room, he looked at me and quietly said to his wife, “Ah Yah, my English isn’t good enough to talk to this guest.”  After a few minutes, we were having a great time talking about life in Asia, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese history, and other things…..great fun for me since his Cantonese was just fine!

As we gradually moved into spiritual discussion, this couple remained quite open and very inquisitive.  With a Catholic background from Hong Kong, it was surprising how little he, and his wife, knew of a personal relationship with Christ. They knew some about “Christian religion” but they obviously know not the Christ!

As we left, no personal decision to follow Christ had occurred but we were assured they desired us to return again.  So, was it a waste of time?  Absolutely NOT!  For this couple, they had heard the simple gospel and were left thinking about it.  For my sister and myself, we had been responsible in carrying Christ’s love and message to ones in need.  For Christ, His name had been glorified.  The results of your sharing Christ with a lost friend is not in your hands but our Lord cannot bless our church, and your life, if His business is not found in us.  May we pray that God’s burden for the lost will overwhelm our lives, our church, our fellowship/home builder groups, and all that we are in order that we can become meaningful tools for His service!  If this happens in our spiritual lives, the year 2019 will be an exciting year!  Act now….pray now.




当我们离开的时候,他们并没有决志信主但是很愿意我们再去拜访。所以,这一次算是浪费时间吗?当然不是!对于这对夫妻而言,他们听到了简短的福音信息,并且让他们继续思想此事。对于我们的姐妹和我,我们的责任是把耶稣的爱和福音传给需要的人。让祂的名得荣耀。跟迷失的朋友们分享耶稣的结果不在我们手里,但如果我们不做祂的事工,主就不会赐福给教会和我们的生活。 让我们祈求上帝,让我们的生活,我们的教会,我们的团契/家庭小组都对失丧的灵魂充满负担,让我们的一切成为在祂事工上有用的器皿! 若这样的负担充满我们的属灵生命里,2019年将是振奋人心的一年!现在就行动…现在就祷告…