Pastor’s Corner | “More or Less” may not represent our values well, eh?

The following are some comments maybe we ought to “evaluate carefully?”

-“I just know that it must be OK because everybody does it that way.”

-“Well, it is what it is!”

-“Progress requires we do something now!”

-“Well, you do what you’ve got to do!”

-“A few cuts, here and there, won’t really hurt anything.”

Sitting in an airport lounge recently, I overheard the above comments by a businessman.  This fellow was justifying his approaches in work to the guy on the other end of the phone line and apparently was being successful.  Let us face it, we live in a world where compromised ethics is the norm.  If our youth and young adults apply the comments above to their dating lives, you can imagine the behavior being lived out.  If career people in their 30s and 40s live with these attitudes in their offices, you can guess how it impacts the work done.  If our courts apply these views, what will happen to our society?  If hospitals apply these ideas to medical situations, what dangers lurk?  When a Christian follows these principles, what is the quality of church witness we leave behind?

A number of years ago, an earthquake killed thousands in central Taiwan.  I, like many others, was involved in some of the relief work for the early months that followed this horrifying experience.  We brought in water purifiers, dug people out of the rubble, bagged up bodies, fed the hungry, put up tents, and many other things.  In the midst of this nightmare, it was found that many of the collapsed buildings had been built with pillars that had empty 5 gallon cans inside them to save on the expense of cement and steel.  You see, “doing what you’ve got to do” is simply not good enough when others are hurt!  As Christians, our goal must always be to be truthful, fair, and sensitive toward the needs of others….even when it appears there are “short-cuts” available.  How are we doing?








– 「人哋都係咁做架啦,冇問題嘅.」

– 「冇計啦,啲嘢係咁㗎啦.」

– 「唔做啲嘢點進步呢?」

– 「你做你要做嘅嘢啦.」

– 「小小受傷好閒啫.」