Pastor’s Corner | Reflections on Easter

Our Easter Weekend at FCBC has come and gone and it was a JOY to see God’s family gather together in serving and celebration!  In unified purpose and participation did our joint family worship in prayers, singing, testimonies, and praise of the sacrifice that Christ offered on our behalves.  From the Deacons and Choir that brought us guidance in the Good Friday service via music and the Lord’s Supper to the early morning Sunrise Service where we worshiped in the fresh air and listened to testimonies and words of encouragement, we found focus.  We are not a perfect church without issues or struggles but to observe the hungry desire of our brothers and sisters to know Christ, and present His name to the lost, is most encouraging!  Let us all pray that the Lord will motivate us to recognize we are 
“called of God to serve Him” even as we recognize our own limitations.  The church is not now, nor has it ever been, a body that focuses on our own feelings and but is a body of Christians who pray and are concerned about the spiritual welfare of those around us. Bless you all!  


  我們在鳳城第一華人浸信會的復活節崇拜來了又去了。非常喜樂看到上帝的家庭合聚一起伺奉及慶祝!  我們的聯合崇拜在合一的目標及參與中,大家一齊禱告、唱詩、見證及讚美基督為我們的犧牲奉獻。從執事到詩班帶領在禮拜五受難節崇拜的詩班獻詩及聖餐分享;禮拜天的晨曦,我們在戶外清新的空氣下聆聽見證及分享,聚焦於敬拜上帝。  我們不是一個完美無缺,沒有爭扎的教會,但是觀察我們弟兄姐妹對基督的饑渴追求和向未信者傳揚祂的名是最令人鼓舞的!  讓我們全體一齊祈求上帝會推動我們,即使我們明知我們有限制,我們是「被上帝呼召,伺奉祂的」。  教會現在不是,過去也不曾,只是著重我們自己感覺,而是為我們周遭人的靈命益處禱告、祈求的基督徒群體。 


  主僕, 簡國忠