Pastor’s Corner | Relationships: What a pain!

As we all know, working with numbers, with computers, with machines, with cars, with food, with construction, with almost anything is easier than working with people! People are exasperating! They are often undependable, self-centered, prideful, unfair, uncaring, insensitive, hateful, unloving, judgmental, prejudiced, deceptive, etc………

So, why are we even bothering to look at relationships today? Why did Jesus care about humans anyway? I sincerely can’t say that I fully understand the answer to that question but it is something that we must recognize as a fact…..He Cared! We know that God created the world and humankind. We know that God had his only begotten son, Jesus, sent to this world as a sacrifice for the sins of all. We know that Jesus suffered greatly for our good while we also know that most of mankind is virtually unappreciative of God’s efforts on our behalf.

FCBC is so much more than our building, our programs, our activities, our music, our worship, etc. FCBC is here to follow the modeling of Christ in identifying our existence and in reaching out in the name of Jesus. If our individual faith is only an academic understanding, our church should close its’ doors. If all we are is structure and policies, we should close our doors. If we are truly disciples, our goal is to spend less time worrying about our comforts and safety as we seek to be with lost people and reach out in the name of Jesus. This means we must learn to “welcome the pain” of working with relationships and that means loving the unlovely and caring about those who know not Jesus. May we find joy in our discomforts, inconveniences, and the criticisms received from others as we seek to show a love beyond understanding. (James Ch. 3)






那为什么今天我们还要谈人和人之间的关系呢?耶稣为什么关心人呢?推心置腹地说,我没有一个完美的答案,但我们必须了解背后的事实- 祂就是在乎人!我们知道上帝创造这个世界和人类。我们知道上帝差祂的独生子来到这世界为我们的罪牺牲祂的生命。我们知道祂为我们受极大的苦,同时我们也知道绝大多数人并不知道感激上帝为我们做的一切。

(雅各书 第三章)