Pastor’s Corner | “Time Flies”

My, Time Flies!  Life seems to be a series of significant events as we remember certain days, weeks, or years based on what occurred during a specific time/date in our past.  So, how is your current memory?  When you reflect over the most recent days or months, how many dates do you remember for their being important?  Do you have some weeks, months, or even years that, when you think back on those days, you can’t remember accomplishing or doing anything?  Do you remember specific historical happenings and where you were as a certain thing occurred?

We have a limited time on this celestial ball called earth and to make no contribution during our time here would be a shame, and a waste!  This is not to say that each moment can never have a time of rest or relaxation.  However, to have no dreams or aspirations is both sad and wasteful.  To fear or disregard opportunities that come into our lives to help others or share the Love of Christ is a poor usage of the gifting that God has given us.

Indeed, “time does fly!”  We often get caught up in the busyness of life and rush past the joys!  Many of those “significant events” of life are in our rear-view mirror and were missed for their importance while we were walking through the experience.  We can’t do a great deal about those things that have gone by but we can try to adjust our thinking for those things left to come.   Perhaps we all should write down the most important events that impacted us over the last month, year, or 10 years and then allow what we read to help us better see what our value system is saying to us?  If all the things we read are only directed at our comforts or pleasures, perhaps we may want to adjust a few things in our lives?

时光飞逝!当我们根据我们过去特发事件和时间来回想,生命似是一连串有意义的事件。 你现在的记忆怎样?当你回想最近的岁月里,你记得有多少日子是重要的?有些年月,当你回想到那些日子,你能不能记得完成或做过任何事?你记得一些特别历史事件和当时你在哪里吗?

我们在这个地球上,只有有限的时间。如果在这段时间里,我们没有贡献是耻辱的,并且是浪费的!这不是说我们不可以有休息或放松的时间。 但是如果没有梦想和抱负是非常悲哀及浪费的。 害怕, 或者不把握在我們生命中的机会去幫助別人或分享基督的愛是非常不知善用上帝給我們的恩賜。

「时间确实是飞逝的!」我们常常只是忙于生命中的庸庸碌碌碌,并且快快享楽!很多在我们生命中「有意义的事」,我们置之脑后并且忘了它们的重要性。我们对已经逝去的事情没有办法挽回;  但是对未来会发生的事,我们可以尝试修正我们的想法。 或许我们可以写下过去一个月、一年或十年中影响我们最重要的事情,读读它,看看我们的价值观是什么?如果所有读到的,都是指向我们的舒适和快乐,或许我们需要调整我们生命里一些事?