Pastor’s Corner | “Vancouver Visit”

What an exciting visit for my wife and I as we returned to the church where we served for some years prior to coming to Phoenix. The 3 day anniversary weekend allowed us to renew relationships with many friends but, possibly, the most meaningful moments didn’t come when I was speaking in the church but when I got to talk with Brother Wong, a 97 year old faithful servant of our Lord. About 6 years back, I met Mr. and Mrs. Wong after a Sunday service where Mrs. Wong found me to comment on some of the sermon that I had preached that day. I remember thinking what a wonderfully cute couple these two made and it was such a joy for me to weekly come in contact with them. Over the next couple of years, we became friends as they reached out to me as a pastor. Then the unexpected happened as Mrs. Wong, at the age of 92, had a fall and almost immediately passed. The whole church was shocked for it had always appeared that Mr. Wong was the weaker of the two as they independently came to church each week!

Receiving Mr. Wong’s hug and smile at the church’s celebration banquet, the memories of his wife came flashing back. Their weekly efforts to make it to the church via the assistance of their 67 year old care giving son was always a testimony to those who knew them both. As the banquet was almost finished, I learned that Mr. Wong continues to weekly be in the services of the church because he feels that he represents his family to the Lord. Even at his age, Mr. Wong is a blessing to those he comes in contact with because of his commitment to faithfulness with all of his life. Not only does his witness challenge me as he encourages others, his example reminds us all that people learn from how we live.