Pastor’s Corner | Worship Is Not A Show

A couple of years back, I attended a meeting of ministers & co-workers in Houston, Texas. Having been active within that circle previously, it was enjoyable to see old friends as we made new ones. With only a minor role in the proceedings of the meetings, I still found myself headed to the platform on one of the evenings that a well-known pastor was to speak. As we approached the stage, I was most uncomfortable with the atmosphere of things only to find us forced through a line of about 10 young people giving “high fives” and pushing up the emotions of the moment. With having heard the very humble and spiritual message of Reverend Peter Chung (鍾世豪牧师) earlier that day, I fear that I gave little encouragement to these young people’s efforts as I really had no need to feel like a football star. Indeed, it was all I could do to continue walking towards the platform and not reject the whole atmosphere by leaving the service.

Brothers and Sisters, what motivates your life and decisions? All discomforts and struggles are not unhealthy but may be a message from the Father. Our walk, our service, our behavior, our decisions are all about the church. Feeling that we “won” or “lost”, in a church issue, need never be our priority. Colossians 1:18 reminds us that Christ is the head of his body, the church. We must not get confused nor do that which is detrimental to His name. We serve as a family and a united body as we seek to grasp the full concept of what it is to be His Servants. My prayer is that we never see the church services or ministries of FCBC become a “show.”


兩年前我參加了在德州休斯頓舉行的美加華人浸聯會會議 。 因為先前熟識那圈子,所以非常高興能跟很多老朋友敍舊,並認識一些新朋友。 我在會議中負責的事情不多,但有一個晚上當陳牧師 分享時,我還是被邀請坐到講台上。 當我們走向講台時,大約有十多名青年人排在我們面前熱烈地跟我們舉手擊掌(high fives) ; 那時大家情緒都很高昂,但我卻覺得很不自然。 因為當天較早時,聽過鍾世豪牧师一篇謙卑和屬靈深度的訊息; 我很怕鼓勵這些年青人的熱情,因為我不應該像足球明星一樣被接待。 当时我真想逃離現場,但事實上卻被迫继续向講台走。

弟兄姐妹,是甚麼推動了你的生命和你所有的決定呢? 一切的不舒服和掙扎並非都是不健康的,可能這是天父要給你一個訊息。 我們的言行、事奉、舉止、和我們的決定都是為榮耀基督。 教會有關的事情,感覺「贏」或「輸」都不是我們的優先考慮。 歌羅西書1:18提醒我們, 基督是衪的身體 – 教會的頭! 我們千萬不要混淆,也不要做令祂名受虧損的事。 我們是一個家庭、一個合一

的身體, 一同事奉, 一齊持守實踐成為祂真正的僕人。 我祈求我們永遠不會看到鳳城第一華人浸信会的服事成為「表演」.