Pastor’s Word | Faith is a Full Commitment

Pastor’s Word: Faith is a Full Commitment

In a discussion today with a Hong Kong friend, we talked about the challenges of getting our faith to a level beyond simple knowledge of Christ. We considered the antics of many so-called Christians who present themselves to be moral and ethical persons while still being involved in adultery, bribery, illicit behaviours, illegal financial transactions, lying and cheating, greed, pornography, alcoholism, gossip, rumour mongers, etc. These persons often are not “found out by society” but have their sins held in a private part of their heart. Indeed, some of these persons are us! With the Bible as our standard, my friend and I quickly realized that this discussion was difficult for, in fact, we too are found in some of these sins and in many others as well. So, how do we boldly go forth as a strong Christian witness when we recognize our own frailties and poor modeling for others? How do we present a healthy church, whatever that is, in a way that encourages others to want to join with us and serve through and past our weaknesses?

Our conversation was designed NOT to say that we agreed to live with a half-hearted commitment in our Christian faith but to simply admit that we sometimes choose to play games with God and seldom push ourselves outside of our comfort areas in order to serve. Becoming religious zealots is also not the goal either for that is done to be seen of men. Our goal must follow Paul’s words to the Philippians as we seek to have a new mind created and guiding us in our new Lord. Our value system is in opposition from our world’s. We know the facts, what do we do with what we know? Are we willing to become a radical for Christ?




牧师的话  信仰是全然的委身、承诺。

今天和一个香港朋友讨论,谈到把我们的信仰摆在简单认识基督之上的挑战。 我们说到许多所谓基督徒的古怪行为;他们表现是有伦理、道德的人、但仍介入奸淫、贿赂、不正行为、不法财金交易、说谎及贪婪、色情书画、酒醉、散播谣言闲话等。 通长这些罪不被社会看见,因为他们把这些罪隐藏在心里私处。事实上,这种人有些就是我们自己! 以圣经为我们的标准,我的朋友和我很快发现讨论这问题很困难,事实上我们也有上述及其他更多的罪。 今天当我们知道我们的短处及自己不足为他人模范时, 我们如何敢大胆地为基督做见证呢? 我们如何可以提供一个健康教会,鼓励他人愿意不计我们的弱点,加入我们一起服事基督呢?

我们的讨论不是想说,我们同意对基督信仰只有一半的承诺;只是简单地承认我们有时候选择戏弄神,很少愿意离开我们的安全范围去事奉神。成为宗教狂热份子不是我们的目标,因为那是做给别人看。 我们的目标必须是跟随保罗对非利比人所说的话:我们必须寻找一颗新造的心及主的带领。 我们的价值观是不同于世界的;知道事实真相,我们会如何做?我们是否愿意为主积极跟进?