Pastor’s Word: Hang in There and Contribute | 坚持服事

When serving as a pastor in Hong Kong some years back, I told one of our beloved sisters (aged around 23) that I would never hire her.  In apparent shock, for she was looking for a job but still employed, she asked why?   I told her that I was aware that she’d changed jobs 3 times over the past 4 years and had a habit of draining each job of all she could learn/gain and then moving on to wherever she might do the same again.  Basically, the employers poured all they could into her growth and learning and then, just when she MIGHT begin to actually give something back in quality service, she departed for “greener pastures!”  Truly, her actions represent a number of our “post-modern” circle of friends.

I wonder if churches sometimes experience this same thing?  We see people grow up, become Christian disciples, maybe teach Sunday School classes or work with youth for a time, and then, the “call to greener pastures” overwhelms them.  The opportunity to be a pew sitter in a nicer environment where things seem new and fresh draws them.  Just at the point where they could truly make their greatest contribution to instigating change and growth for God’s church within their local home church, they determine the need to “rest or retreat” and can no longer to be found.  Yes, these persons are missed in their church.

Obviously, FCBC is blessed with many dedicated church members who recognize their ability to significantly contribute where they are.  The church is a voluntary body of believers who gather to serve in Christ’s name.  Not all we do, or decide, is easy or simple to accept or support.   Yet, let us be a body that welcomes the challenges of representing the Christ who taught us about sacrifice as we work through our difficulties and challenges together.  A church is a ministering body that works together through the needs and struggles that come rather than a group of people that only seek the easy path.  Let us be a people that welcome our God given task of reaching out daily in the name of Jesus to the lost of our world.  With this dedication, we will daily ask what He wants to us do rather than just seek our own goals.


当我在香港牧会时,我告诉一位年约23岁的姊妹,我永远不会雇用她。她显然非常吃惊,因为她正在找新工作,而当时她是有工作的。 她问我为什么。我告诉她我知道过去四年她换了三个工作。她已经习惯在每个工作上学取所有能学到的经验后,就转换到他处重新再来过。基本上雇主全力培植她成长及学习;然后就在她「可能」可以回馈有质量的工作时,她却辞职另觅「更绿的青草地」去工作。她的行为正代表我们一些「后现代」主义的朋友。
显然,凤凰城第一华人浸信会是受祝福的 :有许多热心的弟兄姐妹知道他们在我们教会,有可以做有意义事奉的能力。教会是一群奉主名事奉的志愿信徒团体。所有我们的决定,或做的事,都不是简单或容易接受、支持的。让我们一起学习基督教导我们的牺牲奉献。当我们同工经历挑战、困难时,让我们一起学习基督教导我们的牺牲奉献。我们不是一群找寻简单途径的团体,我们教会是一群同工经历需要、挣扎的基督服事团体。让我们接受上帝交托给我们的使命,天天奉主名向我们周遭失丧的人伸出手。如此献身,我们不会只是寻求我们自己的目标,而会天天询求上帝要我们做什么!