Pastor’s Word: “None of us is perfect” | 「两个会众,却是一个教会」

The term that I have often used to describe FCBC is that we are “one church with two congregations.”  While it is true that our church body represents multiple cultural backgrounds from different countries and language groups, we still have the responsibility & joy of presenting a positive Christian witness with our unity of service to the Father.  This requires a great deal from us as we learn to both communicate well with church leadership and seek to be a ministering body of humble servants with one heart.   If we allow Satan to ever divide us with uncomplimentary words toward each other or with conflicting purposes as a whole church, FCBC will not be what the Lord desires from us.  We must all remember that we are Satan’s primary target as the harming of our daily testimony is his goal.   When Christians are united in love, care, and purpose, we represent not what Satan desires but what the Father hungers to see in us….a loving family!


I cannot speak to your personal Christian battles but I can recognize my own.  When Paul mentions pride, selfishness, self-centered thinking, lack of concern for others, greed, envy, and other similar sins, I am forced to admit that I am as guilty as others with these matters.  I need to daily thank my Heavenly Father for continuing to allow me to be called His servant in spite of my weaknesses and poor behavior.  Our God is truly gracious and forgiving!


Today, I ask that we all pray a bit extra as we ask the Father to help us repent of our daily selfish attitudes.  Ask the Lord to both remind you, and me, of specific sins that we need to have forgiven.  After recognizing our sins, let us humbly pray for His forgiveness so that we may be a stronger and more impactful church that serves Phoenix and the world!





我常说我们第一华人浸信会是「两个会众,却是一个教会」。我们教会会友虽然来自多个国家及语言群体,有多样文化。 我们仍然有责任及喜乐彰显同心事奉我们天父的基督徒正面见证。在我们学习与教会领袖沟通时,积极寻求成为一群在心里愿意谦卑事奉的仆人,这是非常重要的。如果我们允许撒旦分歧我们,因为我们彼此没说恭维的话,或教会里有冲突,这样的教会不会是 上帝想要的。我们要记得,我们是撒旦的首要目标,伤害我们每天的见证是他的目的;当基督徒一起在 主内同心相爱、关顾,并有目的地结合在一起,我们代表的不是撒旦的盼望,而是 天父渴望见到的…一个有爱的大家庭!


我无法说你个人做基督徒的争战,但我知道我的。当保罗提到骄傲、自私、自我中心思想、缺乏对它人的关心、贪心、嫉妒、及其他类似的罪,我不得不承认我犯有同样的罪。我必须每天感谢我 天上的父继续让我做他的仆人,虽然我有很多弱点和很差的行为。我们的上帝真的是有怜悯、有饶恕的!


今天我要求我们大家一起多一些祷告,祈求天父帮助我们悔改我们的自私态度。 要求 主提醒你和我,我们需要悔改饶恕的特别的罪。 认知我们的罪后,让我们谦卑得祈求 祂的宽恕,所以我们能够在大凤凰城和世界里做一个更坚强,更有影响的教会!