Pastor’s Word: “ Not All Meetings are Bad! ” | 「不是所有会议都那么可怕嘛!」

What an interesting meeting on Sunday afternoon (12th) with the Chinese Congregation of FCBC!  While only about 50% of the agenda that I expected to use was actually addressed in the meeting, the positive thing was to listen to the discussion that was brought forth.  As with all that we do in our church, the goal is for us to grow in our Christian unity, love, faith, and character.   Whether it is via hospital visits, hiking activity, bicycle rides, making Christmas gifts or Caroling, women’s ministry, hospitality ministries, pot-luck meals, English teaching, women’s conferences, Music Outreach programs, Retreats or other things, our foundational purpose must be to serve as an arm of Christ in our society.   As a local church, our goal must be to grow positively, lovingly, and with humility as we take up various responsibilities for His Kingdom.  God desires to bless us for our pure hearts and commitment to His church.  If our hearts are not polluted with the distractions and broken relationships that this world often presents as normal, we are to be used as God’s chosen vessels for sharing the love of Christ with power!

A number of years ago, a church that I was associated with decided to do a “Christmas Caroling ministry” in August.  It was a “wild idea” but we were so strongly welcomed to share in a Senior Citizen’s Home because it wasn’t at Christmas!  They told us that, at Christmas, they always have guests who sing but then are neglected for the rest of the year. If you have a ministry idea in any area of our church’s life, especially one tied to Outreach Ministries or service to the community, please let me know about it and we can see how God will bless & guide that dream!






1月12日主日下午我们第一华人浸信会有一个非常有意思的中文堂同工会。我想要谈的议题,虽然只有一半被论及;但重要的是听到大家对事工的讨论。 我们教会的一切事工,目标是增长我们在基督内的合一、爱、信心、和积极服事的品格;无论是医院探访、骑自行车活动、爬山活动、制作圣诞节礼物或报佳音、姊妹团契、接待新朋友事工、聚餐、英文教学、妇女会议、音乐表演节目、退修会或是其他,我们的基本目的是成为基督的臂膀服事社会。作为一个教会,我们的目标必须是正面的、有爱心的、谦卑地成长;我们要为 祂的国担负起各样的责任。 上帝会祝福我们纯洁的心和我们对教会的承诺。如果我们的心没有被世界的纷扰和破裂关系污染,我们会成为上帝选用的器皿,会有更大的能力去分享 基督的爱!

数年前,我参与的教会决定在八月的时候去“报圣诞佳音”;这是一个很疯狂的主意。虽然那时不是圣诞节,但是在养老院我们却被热烈欢迎! 他们告诉我:在圣诞节的时候,会有很多人来报佳音;但是其它时间,他们就被遗忘了。如果你有任何建议事工,特别是有关外展和社区服务的,请告诉我;然后我们一起看 上帝如何祝福及指引我们的梦想!我们的异象!