Pastor’s Word: Rebooting for 2020 | 2020年重新启动

62 years ago, a dream started the First Chinese Baptist Church of Phoenix.  Just as those people had a dream for ministry and outreach, 2020 is OUR TIME to Re-Boot our church’s Dream For Ministry and Outreach.  Excuses and Distractions from any of us are but a reflection of our lack of Christian purpose and focus.   The spiritually lost people around us must be our motivation for living.

In the movie “Avatar,” there was a Tree of Souls that was cut down by those who sought to destroy and control the world of Pandora.  While the Na’vi people were initially emotionally destroyed by the loss of the tree, they eventually learned that they were still alive and could rebuild their futures.  FCBC, when looking at 2020, has this same opportunity if we will trust more in God’s Call on our lives and depend less on what we can see and control. Nothing Satan throws at us can eternally harm us if Jesus is Lord of our lives.  Let us only fear when we aren’t satisfied to be bold followers of Jesus and keeping His church healthy.





电影「阿凡达」内,有一棵「灵魂树」被一些寻找毁灭及控制 潘朵拉 世界的人砍掉。 纳美人的情绪先是为失去的树而被摧毁,但最终他们知道他们还活着,并且可以重新建立他们的未来。在2020年,如果我们多相信上帝对我们生命的呼召,而少依靠我们可以看到和控制的事情,凤凰城第一华人浸信会会有相同的机会。如果耶稣是我们生命的主,我们不怕任何事或魔鬼的挑战可以伤害我们。让我们只怕我们不是大胆的耶稣追随者,我们要继续确保祂的教会健康。