Pastor’s Corner | Be Discerning…

Last week, I listened to a sermon from a very well-known minister in Houston, Texas. I have, over the years, listened to his sermons a few times but can’t say that they particularly “ring my bell” for he appears more as a Motivational Speaker than a Pastor.  Personally, I appreciate stories that assist us to apply Biblical truth but not as the primary content of what is referred to as a “sermon.”  On the day in question, I listened and discovered, within a 25 minute session on television, there were only two Scriptures referenced and virtually no attempt to allow those words to guide the content of his personal direction for his sharing.  My only point is to say that you and I must always be vigilant and discerning of who it is that we allow to bring truth into our hearts and minds.  Not all ministers or messages are created equal and, while in our search for personal spiritual growth/depth, let us seek God’s best teachings for us.  Not all sermons are funny, enjoyable, entertaining, or even well presented by a pastor but God’s Word has life and is eternally valuable to us.  As with eating certain foods, not all vegetables taste good to us but some may be very helpful in developing our growth and maturity.   May we all be patience learners who hunger after the righteousness of God.