Suffering as a Follower of Christ (I Peter 4: 12-19) | 为作基督徒受苦

***These are “Words from a Pastor” but that Pastor isn’t me. Peter’s words are much more valuable than anything I would say. May you read with a desire to have the Holy Spirit reveal your motivations for how you live your life.

12 My friends, don’t be surprised at the painful things that you are now suffering, which are testing your faith. Don’t think that something strange is happening to you. 13 But you should be happy that you are sharing in Christ’s sufferings. You will be happy and full of joy when Christ shows his glory. 14 When people say bad things to you because you follow Christ, consider it a blessing. When that happens, it shows that God’s Spirit, the Spirit of glory, is with you. 15 You may suffer, but don’t let it be because you murder, steal, make trouble, or try to control other people’s lives. 16 But if you suffer because you are a “Christ-follower,” don’t be ashamed. You should praise God for that name. 17 It is time for judging to begin. That judging will begin with God’s family. If it begins with us, then what will happen to those who don’t accept the Good News of God? 18 “If it is hard for even a good person to be saved, what will happen to the one who is against God and full of sin?” 19 So if God wants you to suffer, you should trust your lives to him. He is the one who made you, and you can trust him. So continue to do good.




12亲爱的弟兄啊,有火炼的试验临到你们,不要以为奇怪(似乎是遭遇非常的事), 13倒要欢喜;因为你们是与基督一同受苦,使你们在他荣耀显现的时候,也可以欢喜快乐。 14你们若为基督的名受辱骂,便是有福的;因为神荣耀的灵常住在你们
身上。 15你们中间却不可有人因为杀人、偷窃、作恶、好管闲事而受苦。 16若为作基督徒受苦,却不要羞耻,倒要因这名归荣耀给神。 17因为时候到了,审判要从神的家起首。若是先从我们起首,那不信从神福音的人将有何等的结局呢? 18若是义人仅仅得救,那不虔敬和犯罪的人将有何地可站呢? 19所以,那照神旨意受苦的人要一心为善,将自己灵魂交与那信实的造化之主.