Our History

With more than 60 years of history in the Valley, First Chinese Baptist Church of Phoenix is our city’s oldest Chinese Congregation.

Started as a mission to reach the Chinese community in Phoenix, the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board (now known as the North American Mission Board) supported the faithful leadership of founder Pastor Stanley to spread the Gospel to the Arizona Chinese community. After years of pouring God's love into the community, like creating a bus ministry to drive families to church every week, First Chinese Baptist Church officially formed as a self supporting Southern Baptist Church in 1957.

Our church functioned for years in the Downtown Phoenix before relocating to the Arcadia area. Following Dr. Stanley after his 30 years of service, our church was then faithfully pastored for over 20 years by Dr. Simon Tsoi. God continued to watch over our church over the years and in 2023, Pastor Dillon Le was officially called to serve as Senior Pastor.

Today, we are so thankful that God has provided us a wonderful ministry facility for serving the community and for reaching out to the those interested in knowing Jesus better. Our church body, including our ministry teams, is known for being an accepting group made up of people who recognize our limitations but who still welcome people like us to gather with us for worship and service to the Lord’s purposes.

First Chinese Baptist Church of Phoenix desires to provide a friendly place for people from all backgrounds to fellowship together while worshiping and serving God. Because we started from the generosity of the Southern Baptist Mission Board and the care from Pastor Stanley, we recognize how important it is to outreach to our local communities and give back towards missions.

We are not perfect, but we desire to live for Jesus as we encourage others, even from within our own imperfections. We always want to see new friends join us in worship, Bible study, fellowship, and service. Welcome!

Our Church Through The Years...
English Worship Service
In Sanctuary Worship Center
(Building E)
Chinese Sunday small groups
In Family Life Center
(Building F)
Nursery & preschool ministry
In Nursery
(Building D)
children's ministry
Children leave English Worship Service and Begins in Children's Department Building
(Building C)
Chinese Worship Service
In Sanctuary Worship Center
(Building E)
English sunday small groups
In Family Life Center and Office Building Classrooms
(Building F & A)
ALl Services and sunday small groups end
pickup children from nursery / children's ministry classrooms
(Building C & D)