FCBC continues to place a high priority regarding the safety of our members and attendees. Until further notice we have made the decision to suspend gatherings on our campus, which includes all worship services. It is a priority for us to help limit the spread of the virus to those that are most vulnerable in our congregation and city.  We will adhere to the CDC recommendation accordingly to suspend gatherings of 50+ for at least 8 weeks.  Also, during this time please protect yourself and others with CDC guidelines: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/prevention.html

Online services & messages will be available at the FCBC website: http://www.fcbcphx.org/sermons/.  Our Preschool, Children, Youth and Adult Sunday School departments will be providing curriculum options that everyone can engage in as well.

If you have questions or need assistance, please get in touch with us and let us know how we can serve you! Email: office@fcbcphx.org or call 602-955-3114.

Please continue to give as an act of worship through your bank bill pay service, snail mail your check, or via our online giving service: http://www.fcbcphx.org/giving/

Update from the “Re-Opening Committee”   (May 19th at 7 pm)
As a committed brother/sister of FCBC, I know that you are praying diligently for our “Re-Opening Committee” as they represent us in seeking God’s guidance and timing for us regarding the return to usage of our ministry facilities.  It is their earnest desire to move at God’s speed, and not man’s, as the safety and health of our body is highly considered in each step taken in planning.  Please continue to pray that God will lead not only in the planning that is considered for us but also for the global situation and how it is impacting all around us.  The following is a short description of some of the basic topics and considerations being handled by this committee at this time.  This information is provided to request your continued prayers.
1)  Opening Prayer
2)  Re-opening Date:  After lengthy discussion, it was agreed that we will NOT set a specific date but review this topic over the upcoming weeks in line with the development of virus situation.  Eventually, a date will be determined.
3)  Pre-Opening Check List: There will be many items dealing with “Deep Cleaning” and various persons will assist to determine what will be required and how that can be accomplished prior to our returning to the buildings.
4)  Post-Opening:  Regular Deep Cleaning will require new approaches be done weekly.
5)  There will be a continued respect of Social Distancing in seating, entering/exiting the building, etc when we begin
6)  There will be many new adjustments:
      * E-Bulletins will continue
      * Offering Boxes will be used instead of Offering Plates
      * We will seek to develop more guest cards electronically on our Website
      * Live-streaming will become a norm for many people for quite a while
      * Health Concerns will take a new level of preparation for all areas in the church building
      * Special concern for our children and nursery children will guide decisions and planning for their care
      * Preventive temperatures checking and things within the church may become a new norm but it is out of love this is done!
      * Persons who show any sign of illness will be asked not to come to be with the church in fellowship on that day
   7) Communication Matters with the Church:  *Regular Email, Website, Youtube, Wechat, letters, and other similar communication will be managed through the church office.  Gabrielle Liu will manage most of this communication and can forward anything that needs to be given to another individual or the pastor.  
   8) Providing a safe environment for the church is one of the most important considerations in the process
     —– FCBC Pastoral Staff & Re-Opening Committee