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     With more than 60 years of history in the Valley, First Chinese Baptist Church of Phoenix (FCBC) is our city’s oldest Chinese Congregation.  Under the directed leadership of Pastor Stanley, our church functioned for years in the Chinatown area of downtown before relocating to the Arcadia area some 40 years ago.  Following Dr. Stanley, our church was pastored for over 20 years by Dr. Simon Tsoi. Today, we are so thankful that God has provided us a wonderful ministry facility for serving the community and for reaching out to the those interested in knowing Jesus better.  Our church body, including our ministry team, is known for being an accepting group made up of people who recognize our limitations but who still welcome people like us to gather with us for worship and service to the Lord’s purposes. We are not perfect but desire to live for Jesus as we encourage others even from within our own imperfections. We always want to see new friends join us in worship, Bible study, fellowship, and service.  Welcome!

     First Chinese Baptist Church of Phoenix provides a friendly place for people from all backgrounds to fellowship together while worshiping and serving God.  The purpose of all our ministries is to draw people into a closer relationship with God and with one another by centering our Christ-honoring activities on God’s Holy Bible.  We are a caring church that meets the needs of the local community, providing everyone with a sense of purpose and belonging, as well as a life full of meaning and joy in Jesus Christ.