Pastor’s Corner | “An Integrated Faith”

Our church has people who aspire to be spiritually mature. This is a good thing, but should we think this can occur without making some changes from the over-active lives we live, we err.  The integration of our spiritual walk with our daily experiences must become natural and blended so much that we can’t distinguish one from the other.  Studying Scripture has importance well beyond academic purposes for the Father desires to see our lives revealing obedience to what we learn.  We care for others and share Jesus’ love because He has become our Savior in every sense of the word and He loves through us!  We grasp that our relationship with Christ is beyond emotional music, feelings experienced at camp, fun with Christian friends or even listening to a “famous television teacher!” With Jesus as our model, we remember that He served the spiritual and physical needs of mankind “as He was going”in His daily routine/life. “As you are going/walking today in Christ,” it would be my hope that you don’t have to concentrate too heavily to be the Biblical “salt/light” that you should naturally be as you trod this earth!  My hope is that the Father’s identity in your life will be so real that others will feel the overflow of God’s love in who you are.  May being like Jesus make us an integrated body of Christians that impact all that come in contact with the people of FCBC.


我們教會許多人热望靈命成熟。 這是一件好事,但是如果我們以為我們不用改变我们每日过分忙碌的生活也可以做到,那我們就錯了。属灵生命和每日生活,應該是自然合一,不分彼此的。研讀聖經的重要远超过學術上的学习,天父要看到我们顺服我们所学习的。我們關心別人,分享 基督的愛,是因為 祂是我們的救主, 祂的愛會從我們生命中表顯出來!我們與 基督建立的關係不是從激情的音樂、營會的感動經驗、與基督徒朋友一起的快乐或聆聽「出名」电视传道人得來的! 耶穌是我們的模範,我們该記得 祂是在「每天日常生活及侍奉」中服事人靈命及肉體的需要。今日及每天你的事奉中,我盼望你不必專心在意,而是自然成為圣经中所说的「鹽或光」!盼望人看到你生命中天父的型像是这么真切,以致感受到 上帝丰盛的愛。希望活得更像 耶穌,讓我們基督徒完整合一地影響所有来到第一华人浸信会的人!